Why Chhaya Prakashani books are so popular?

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Why Chhaya Prakashani books are so popular?

Do you know why Chhaya Prakashani books are in high demand? This is because Chhaya Prakashani books adhere to the current syllabus and offer the best learning support to students in the best possible manner. The main goal of this renowned publishing house is to provide error-free books to students to outshine them in their careers. Chhaya Prakashani has been in the publishing industry for over 25 years, delivering fruitful; results in the form of affordable and flawless books to its students.
Make Chhaya Prakashani your trusted learning partner. Here, are our top categories of books-

School Guide Books-

Chhaya Prakashani’s school books are carefully designed to suit the needs of every student. We cater to students of Classes IX, X, XI and XII of the West Bengal board and quench their thirst of knowledge.  All subjects’ books are available at nominal prices only at the Online College Street bookshop. The school books range in nearly all subjects like English, Chemistry, Computer, Geography and others. The books cover the upgraded syllabus and our team of experts has formulated the most important questions of all subjects which are found only at our Online College Street bookshop.. Some of our highly recommended school books are- Chhaya English Tutor for Class X, Chhaya Bhugol O Poribesh Shikhhok for Class X, Chhaya Itihas Shikhhok for Class IX, Chhaya Chemistry English Version for Class XII and many more.

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Career Books

Our career development books help to shape your career in the right direction. We prepare you for the two most prestigious exams conducted by the West Bengal government- WBCS and TET. Get our Chhaya Primary TET Challenger today from our Online College Street bookshop and achieve a rewarding career ahead. Getting our Chhaya Primary TET Challenger can bring you one step closer to your dream. As the number of aspirants keeps on increasing, the competition increases and hence, it becomes extremely crucial to understand how to prepare for the TET exam.
Our Primary TET Challenger and WBCS Challenger give you an edge in the competition. These books have been prepared with a view to acquaint students with the latest exam pattern containing ample mock questions. Answers to TET questions and mock tests inform candidates of the trend of questions asked in the exam. It also facilitates time and performance management. Candidates can benefit from online mock test series for free to refine their preparation.
Books are the essence of any examination. WBCS books of Chhaya Prakashani are available in OCS. Focus on buying the best books if you want success. The WBCS mains exam preparation should start in parallel with the WBCS prelims exam as candidates do not get enough time after the prelims. Hence, these reference books should be kept ready beforehand from our Online College Street book shop where you can get all the books under one roof.
Our online bookstore in Kolkata is one of the most renowned with the partnership of the most famous publishers in Kolkata. Our Kolkata online bookshop meets the needs of all readers. The availability of any book at a low cost and with huge business makes it a perfect place for all book-lovers.