What Makes AshaPurna Devi's Books So famous Among Readers?

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What Makes AshaPurna Devi's Books So famous Among Readers?

If you're a passionate Bengali book reader, you've probably read novels by the famous Bengali novelist Ashapurna Devi—a well-known name in the world of Bengali literature. She created some outstanding novels and short stories that influenced Bengali and Indian literature in numerous ways.

What makes her books so unique? Her novels deal with the issues that women face in patriarchal societies. The stories are written in basic, easy-to-read language, but that doesn't mean they don't convey their message to readers.

In the year 1909, Ashapurna Devi was born in north Calcutta to  Harendra Nath Gupta a famous Bengali artist of that time, and Sarala Sundari. Her mother was a voracious reader, which passed on to her daughter also.

In childhood, little Asha was deprived of going to school or formal education due to a conservative upbringing. However, Ashapurna learned the alphabet by listening to her brothers read when she was a baby, sitting opposite them. Bengali people still recall the zeal behind the name Ashapurna.

What Are The Best Books Written By Ashapurna Devi?


Here are some of the best Ashapurna Devi books You must read-

  • Nasta Koshti
  • Nitimityya Matra.
  • Majaru Mama
  • Moner Mukh
  • Sarajantrer Nayek
  • Golpo Samagra By Ashapurna Devi Vol 1 and Vol 2.



What Makes Her Books So special?


Ashapurna Devi books in Bengali are one of the most precious parts of the history of Bengali literature that always remain close to readers’ and enthusiasts’ hearts. What are the reasons behind it? Let’s understand!


  • Relatable Stories 

Her books mostly convey the stories of regular Bengali middle-class households, which is the main attraction of all of her novels and books. That is why her works are so popular with Bengali book readers.


  • Feel good factors

  Ashapurna Devi short stories address the simple and precious happiness of human life perfectly. These incidents or habits are simple yet significant to make us happy and find happiness in our everyday life.

  • Covers topics for all age groups

 Her books appeal to all age groups, from kids, young adults, and adults to older generations, her books keep in store for all age groups. Her excellent writing skill creatively touched on various themes in contemporary society. That is why you can find something to gift each age group from her wide array of writing collections.




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