What are some of the Best Bengali books Featuring the Detective Feluda?

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What are some of the Best Bengali books Featuring the Detective Feluda?

Besides one of the greatest creations of Maestro storyteller and film director Satyajit Roy, detective Feluda is one of the most iconic characters in Bengali literature. This name has become an integral part of Bengali culture. 

Just name a book, it will pass on a thrilling and adventurous to readers’ minds. Every book of the Feluda series is an example of the superiority, knowledge, and excellence of the Maestro Roy.

Here, we will share some names of the best books in the Feluda Bengali detective books series for newcomers to Mitter's world. So are you ready? Then let’s begin!

What You Should Read From Feluda Series : A Guide For Beginners

Sonar Kella

Ask you, anyone, about this masterpiece, all fans and followers of Ray will name it at the first chance. This is one of the most breathtaking stories from the Feluda series that you should not miss.

The story of this book revolves around the protagonist detective Feluda, assistant Topshe, Lalmohon Ganguly, little Boy Mukul, and antagonist Mandar Bose. In the backdrop of Rajasthan, the story proceeds and takes a twist and turn that make readers impressed and thrilled.

Later, maestro Roy made a masterpiece movie on this story. It still makes the audience spellbound and heads down to this versatile and magnetic persona.

Gangtoke Gondogole

This is another popular name from the Bengali detective books collection. It tells an adventurous and mystery-filled story in the backdrop of the natural beauty of the north-eastern mountain ranges.

Feluda series is not all about only a thriller, it also celebrates the bond of brotherhood between Feluda and Topshe and the friendship between Feluda and Lalmohon Babu. 

Pahare Feluda

Pahare Feluda contains three detective stories of Feluda in the backdrop of the mountain. These stories will take you to a new world far from daily mundane life and make you lost in the stream of magic.

It’s a must-read book for beginners. It will help them to identify the essence of the Feluda detective series.

Joy Baba Felunath

It is another masterpiece penned down by the maestro Roy. This book is a little unique from the above-mentioned books due to its backdrop and storyline. Besides a focused storyline, the iconic character like Maganlal Meghraj, and Machli Baba and the description of Benaras during the festival needs special mention here.

Satyajit Ray did not keep the magic of the storyline to pages. He also showcased this story on the silver screen. The movie is a remarkable one in the history of Indian cinema.

Gosaipur Sorgorom

If you want to start with a small story then this one is apt for you. It is another masterstroke from the author that showcases the ability to build mystery using a simple village backdrop.

This story tells how Feluda solves the mystery of a Zamindar house in Gosaipur and punishes a criminal.

Somaddarer Chabi

This is another popular story of the Feluda series. Its story revolves around central characters like Feluda, Topshe, Jatayu, and musician Radharomon Somaddar.  This book depicts how Feluda solves the case and rescues his hidden wealth after his death. This book will pleasantly surprise you if you enjoy stories with unexpected climaxes.

Key takeaways: Are You Ready to Engross in the Stories of the Feluda Series?

Feluda is a remarkable character and iconic series from Bengali detective books. His intelligence, charm, bravery, and reflexes make readers' heart thaw. It remains in on top of the list of Bengali classic collections.

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