What are the best books for WBCS Mains preparation?

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What are the best books for WBCS Mains preparation?

Are you looking for a government job? WBCS can be the opening door for you. There are a lot of queries loitering over your mind. How shall I prepare myself for the  WBCS exam? What are the books to be read? How is the process conducted? etc. In this blog, we shall discuss how to prepare yourself for the upcoming WBCS 2022 exam.

WBCS or West Bengal Civil Service exam is the government exam conducted to recruit Group A officers for the state. All the WBCS books are available in our online college street book shop at a discounted price. There are three stages of conducting the WBCS exam. In this blog, an aspirant will get to know a detailed exam preparation strategy and a comprehensive WBCS booklist.

WBCS Books

WBCS Preparation tips- The civil service exam is one of the most-awaited and the most prestigious government jobs in the country. This exam tests the analytical and conceptual clarity of the candidate.

  • Get familiar with the exam pattern- Make a study plan and cover the topics. This will help the candidate to crack both the prelims as well as mains. Exam patterns might change compared to the previous year’s. So keep yourself updated.
  • Time management- Time management is the tip that can help you to crack the WBCS exam 2022. Try to implement it in your everyday activities. If you want to score more marks, time management is essential.
  • Book selection- Books are the essence of any examination. WBCS books of all the recognized publishers are available in OCS. Focus on online book purchase from our shop if you want success.
  • Sample Papers-Practice makes a man perfect. Practice is the core ingredient of cracking WBCS exam 2022.Try to solve as many sample and previous year’s question papers to get good practice. Refer to the book on 15 years question papers by Maity and Sarkar.

The WBCS mains exam preparation should start in parallel with the WBCS prelims exam as candidates do not get enough time after the prelims. WBCS prelims is only a screening test focusing on General Studies. There are 8 topics each of 25 marks with a total of 200 marks. It consists of 200 MCQs 1 mark each. There is negative marking for each wrong answer with a duration of 150 minutes. A comprehensive collection of practice sets for the prelims are available in our online college street book shop.

The topics covered in prelims are-

  • English Composition- This section has moderate to difficult level questions comprising synonyms, antonyms, idioms, phrases, vocabulary, phrasal verbs, homophones and fill in the blanks.
  • General Science- This section covers general appreciation, understanding of science, matters of everyday observation and experience.
  • Current Affairs- This is the most scoring section covering social, economical, political and geographical issues of the national and international level. Go for online book purchase on current affairs from our OCS Store by Mondal Prakashani.
  • History of India- This section covers the ancient, medieval and modern history of India.
  • Geography of India with special reference to West Bengal- This section covers topics of physical, social and economic geography.
  • Indian polity and economy- Comprising Indian Constitution, Panchayati Raj and Constitutional bodies, this section covers 25 questions.
  • Indian National Movement- This section includes nature and character of 19th century resurgence, growth of nationalism and attainment of independence.
  • General mental ability- General reasoning and common aptitude are the subjects covered under this topic.

WBCS booklist - college street book shop

Based on the scores of the preliminary exam, students are shortlisted for WBCS mains. WBCS mains consists of 8 papers out of which 6 are compulsory and 1 is optional divided into 2 papers. A candidate needs to qualify in all the 6 compulsory papers with one optional paper. All the six papers are 200 marks each with a total duration of 3hours. The six papers are-

  • Indian Language paper- This paper is quite easy for the candidates and candidates can choose from any one of the following languages- Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, Nepali and Santhali. This paper usually consists of- essay writing, précis writing, composition and translation from English to any of the above Indian languages.
  • English- This section covers essay writing, précis writing, composition and translation from the Indian language to English. Refer to PK De Sarkar for improving your English available only at OCS.
  • General Studies 1- This covers Indian History with special emphasis on The National Movement and Geography of India. Follow Mondal’s Sure Success Series with free mock test papers.
  • General Studies 2- This paper consists of science, scientific and technological advancement, environment, GK and current affairs. Apart from consulting books, it is mandatory to read newspapers for daily updates.
  • The Constitution of India and Indian Polity- This section primarily covers the role and functions of The Reserve Bank of India. There are many books available at our online book shop based on the Indian economy.
  • Arithmetic and test of reasoning- This section analyses the logical and analytical skills of a candidate.
  • Optional paper- This paper must be chosen on the basis of the study materials available and the interest of the candidate. The selection of the right optional paper is vital.


One important aspect of WBCS mains exam is to undergo rigorous study and practice for achieving success. Books should be kept ready beforehand from our online college street book shop where you can get all the books under one roof. Lastly, practice and keep on trying.