Top 5 Bengali Novels You Can’t Miss

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Top 5 Bengali Novels You Can’t Miss

Are you a literature lover? Have you read all of the literary gems from Bengali literature? Of course not, as we know it’s an ocean. However, these 5 Bengali novels you should not miss. You can order books online and delve into the depths of this ocean.

Why should you read these books? Why do we recommend them? Whether you are a beginner or a passionate reader, you will feel the same excitement while reading these masterpieces.

So, without wasting more time, let’s jump onto the main part of our discussion!

Explore These 5 Bengali Novels for a Great Reading Experience

Pather Pachali: The Song of The Road

Written by Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay, one of a trio of Bandyopadhyay along with Manik and Tarashankar Bandyopadhyay, Pather Pachali is one of the finest and greatest gems of Bengali literature of all times. You can say, this book is Bengali readers’ all-time favorite.

This story is the first installment of the two-book series- Pather Pachali and Aparajito. In the first book, the story develops around the key character- Small Apu, his father Horihor, Mather Sorbojaya, and elder sister Durga in the backdrop of rural Bengal.

This story shows the ups and downs of Apu’s life and lets readers experience some bitterness and sweetness of rural life through the eyes of little Apu and Durga.

Every character in this novel is memorable as the writer crafts them as the mirror of our inner self. The maestro filmmaker Satyajit Ray celebrated all the stories from this series in his famous Apu trilogy film series.

Padma Nadir Majhi: The Boatman On The Padma

Created by Manik Bandyopadhyay gem of three Bandhopadya, this is one of the must-read books of Bengali literature. This book is popular due to its unique storyline and out-of-the-box written style. This novel tells the story of the fisher community and shares how humans are led by their primitive desires. This novel also shows how psychology drives human and influence their choices and desires.

The unique backdrop, storyline line, and the way it knits all characters make the novel must read for people who really love Bengali literature.

Jagori: The Vigil

This is one of the best Bengali novels to read and experience. It is one of the masterpieces of the famous Bengali writer Satinath Badhuri. This novel contains four chapters which are the story from four different perspectives. The story is about the last night of a young freedom fighter who got the punishment of death.

In each chapter, the story depicts the main plot from four vices-one is the convict, other three chapters share the respected voices of his father, his mother, and his neighbors in the jail.


 We have already shared how Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhya popular Bengali novelist, gifts and enriches Bengali literature. Now coming to this novel, it is one of his best and fourth books that shares an incurable shows written style.

 The readers can enjoy the natural beauty and reveal the unmatched romanticism of nature through the eyes of the writer, This story introduces the Protagonist Satyacharan and other crucial characters like Raju Pandey, Dhaturia, Dhawtal Sahu, and Kunta very uniquely. However, People get attached to all characters once the story develops and takes ups and downs eventually.

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Nabarun Bhattacharya son of another one of the most famous Writer Mahasweta Devi, was introduced to this must-read anti-novel. This experimental fiction tells the tale of the central character Harburt Sarkar.

This story is a mirror of our social-cultural practices and beliefs.

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