The Cult Bengali Novels Of All Times

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The Cult Bengali Novels Of All Times

Bengal with its rich tradition of art and culture has been inspiring millions. Ever since Bengal has seen many ups and downs. But it is still considered the epitome of culture and heritage all over the world. From the birth of noted revolutionaries to novelists, Bengal has never failed to impress its audience. From poems to songs, from stories to novels and from short stories to magazines, Bengal reflects its glory in every piece of art.

College Street is a name that Bengal is accustomed to for many glorious years. It forms an integral part of Kolkata’s heritage. Online College Street is the online version of Kolkata’s heritage which is known for its best collection of Bengali books at low prices. Here, you can find the finest Bengali literature of all times that has made Bengal proud of its resources. With the support of the leading publishing houses of Kolkata, Online College Street has retained the roots of Bengal.

Famous Bengali Novels

Ananda Publishers is one such publishing house which has gained acclamation in its work. The most famous and cult Bengali novels are published by Ananda Publishers. Here are some of the best books of Ananda publishers that are available only at Online College Street at low prices.

Pahare Feluda- When it comes to detective stories, Feluda is the top priority. This set comprises stories written by the noted Bengali filmmaker Satyajit Ray. Pradosh Chandra Mitra (Feluda), a private detective, is the main character in this series accompanied by Lalmohan Ganguly and Topshe. The novel explores Feluda and his teammates unfurling mysteries in Darjeeling.

Goynar Baksho- Born on 2nd November, 1935, Goynar Baksho by Ananda Publishers was written by Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay. The novel unfolds the famous tale of 3 generations of women and their changing positions in society related to a box of jewels that goes from one hand to the other. This novel is popular among both children as well as adults.

Buno Haans- Written by Samaresh Majumdar, Buno Haans is a thrilling novel and is considered to be one of the best books of Ananda Publishers. The novel explores a simple man Amal who gets into the smuggling business tempted by the world of wealth. The climax of the story forms when he realizes that he has become a part of a dangerous group.

Shonku Samagra- Professor Shonku is a fictional scientist created by Satyajit Ray in a series of Bengali science fiction published in 1965. He is one of the most important fictional characters in Bengali literature and his real name was Trilokeshwar Shonku. He is a physicist and an inventor and the novel includes 38 adventure stories of Shonku.

Mitin Mashi Samagra- Created by Suchitra Bhattacharya, Mitin Mashi is mainly for teenagers. The real name of Mitin Mashi is Pragyaparamita Mukherjee. Mitin works as a private detective and likes to use her mind rather than her revolver. She has a detective agency called the Third Eye and is assisted by her niece, Tupur in many cases.


Wrapping up!

Bengal literature dates back to the 7th century and is divided into three phases. There is literally nobody who has an aversion to reading Bengali literature. The best books of Ananda Publishers will give you a taste of the rich soil of Bengali literature. Bengali is one of the prominent languages in which literature enriched itself the most. Online College Street will give you the experience of reading the prominent books of Ananda Publishers.