The Amazing Power of Fiction

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The Amazing Power of Fiction

It’s interesting to know that reading fiction can reduce your stress level by 60%. The practice of reading books as a form of therapy can be traced back many years ago. Fiction is a uniquely powerful way to delve into better understanding, express creativity and exercise your brain.

Do you know that women account for 80% of fiction reading in US, UK and Canada? E-book readers are in no way lagging. Today, e-books make up 21% of total book sales. By 2030, the global book market is expected to be around $163.89 million. Fiction books online are available in a wide collection at our online book store which will turn you into a book worm.

A person aiming to be successful should step into fiction and read it copiously. Fiction can be compared to a lost gem. It seems almost universal that the more you read, the more successful you become. 

Reasons to read fiction books -

  • Learn to interpret -

    Fiction differs from non-fiction in a number of ways. One of the main differences is that while non-fiction is aimed at imparting information, fiction books are not targeted to achieve this goal. Some fiction may be purposely written with obscure information. A story comes to all its readers with holes that must be filled with imagination. Why is the character behaving in such a way? What will the story lead to? Reading fiction forces you to answer these questions as they are considered to be the books to improve imagination. This acts as a mental booster by making children learn imagination and interpretation.


  • Unfurl the creative side-

    Creativity is a natural instinct. But often, we tend to overlook it. It’s a skill and we have to nurture and preserve this skill. Fiction is a potential way of nurturing your creative talent. It doesn’t let your creativity go wasted. By introducing us to new ideas, new ways of thinking and cognition, fiction is one of the greatest tools of creativity booster.


Online book store- advantage of reading fiction books

  • Become more empathetic-

    Research shows, that the better captivating a story is, the more effective it is in changing assumptions and breaking stereotypes. In fact, studies show, that fiction is better than non-fiction in changing our views about people. Why? This is because, when we are reading fiction, our brains perform analytical thinking. They can connect with the characters in the fiction books available at our online book store, emotionally and end up with authentic empathy.


  • Building blocks of vocabulary-

    Books generate knowledge and enrich our vocabulary. Children see new words and try to internalize their meaning as well as their proper usage in real life. Words are the foundation stone of communication and having a strong vocabulary can make your communication easier, deeper and more meaningful. This can be of utmost benefit to students who can see sharp progress in their verbal skills.


  • An effective stress-buster-

    Reading fiction books online has shown to put our brains into a pleasurable trance, a state similar to meditation that reaps the same benefits of inner calm and deep relaxation. Regular readers have low levels of stress and depression, sleep better, high self-esteem in comparison to the non-readers. With just 6 minutes of silent reading, you can ease your heart and muscles by up to 68%.


  • Power of socializing-

    Books stimulate relationships. Read fiction to explore ideas of change, complex emotions and the unknown. Fiction can help us to learn the complexities of our social life. Negotiating the social world is a bit tricky. Reading literary fiction can help people understand others’ mental states which are a crucial component of developing relationships.


Drive your child to read fiction. Reading is a muscle that needs exercise. The more children read books, the more they will get better at churning off distractions and getting into an infinite world of knowledge. The best fiction books are available at our online book store which takes into a pleasurable and memorable experience of reading.