Order Books Online and Explore These Wonderful Bedtime Reads for Your Children

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Order Books Online and Explore These Wonderful Bedtime Reads for Your Children

Bedtime stories are like a treasure for children. Reading bedtime stories will give kids time to share a memorable moment with loved ones. It gives a boost to the cognitive development among children and lets their imagination fly.

We all heard bedtime stories from our grandparents and parents. These stories gave us not only immense joy but also give us knowledge of morality. This is the time when we should bear this legacy and let our children create memories of joy and fun.

In this article, we will bring a list of bedtime storybooks. You can order books online聽and bring these bedtime storybooks for your kids.

Order Books Online and Buy Bedtime聽Stories For Kids

Here is a checklist of bedtime stories for kids that you can purchase online:

The Jungle Book

Written by one of the most famous authors Rudyard Kipling, this book tells an incurable tale of a jungle by Mowgli. This book shares the adventurous journey of Mowgli, Balloo, and Bagheera and their fight against Sherkhan. It introduces the kids to the timeless tell of how good defeats bad.

Rupkatha by Sailen Ghosh

Fairy tales remain all-time聽favorites among kids. We used to listen to these incredible tales of king, queen, princess, prince, and the savior fairy godmother. Can you remember those days when we became indulged in that magical world?

You can also pass on that legacy to your kids by purchasing Rupakatha聽from the best聽online bookstore in India.

Story of Aladdin and Genie

Talking about bedtime stories and not mentioning the names of Aladdin and Genie will be a little injustice-right? Your kids will love to hear the magical tale of the friendship of Genie and Aladdin. Order books online and get this one of the most famous stories from Arabian Nights.


Cinderella is one of the most iconic fairy tales that kids just love to hear at bedtime. The story tells how young girl Cinderella overcomes all hurdles with the help of her fairy godmother and unites with Prince Charming.

The Frog Prince

The Frog Prince is one of the popular bedtime stories for children. It is a magical story of a prince who got cursed and turned into a frog. Now, how did he get free from this curse? Read the full story to your kid at bedtime.

Order books online聽and introduce your kids to the joy of bedtime stories.

Moral Stories From Panchatantra

Panchatantra Stories is one of the most famous stores in India. It shares moral stories where the central characters are birds and animals who share the same intelligence match with humans.

This book contains several stories that give knowledge of good morality and values. So, purchase this book online and let yourself adopt some values of good human beings.

Order Books Online and Enjoy the Bedtime Stories with Your kids

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