How To Prepare For CTET Exam 2023?

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How To Prepare For CTET Exam 2023?

Want to excel in the upcoming CTET Exam? A good strategy, crucial tips, best-quality resources, and a well-focused approach-That’s all you need.

In this blog, we have shared some most important points regarding CTET 2023 Exam preparation tips. These will help you to stay well prepared and achieve the best score in the upcoming exam.

CTET 2023 Exam Preparation Tips: All You Need To Know

Here we will discuss the all-important tips in three aspects, let’s start then!
General Strategies

1. Know the Exam Pattern

Gain an in-depth understanding of the CTET exam pattern. Know the number of sections, number of questions, marking pattern, weightage on each section, question pattern, etc. Considering these things will let you prepare more efficiently.

2. Understand CTET Curriculum

Download the Official CTET syllabus from the CBSC website. Check the elements thoroughly and mark all areas of your interest.

3. Create a Personalized Study Plan

Once you get to know which topics you need to cover, start making a strategy and study plan. First, create for each subject and then create a study plan on your study schedule.

Pro Tips

  • Create a weekly general study plan
  • Set weekly study goals for each week
  • Devote time equally to each paper
  • Keep things well organized

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4. Collect Best Resources

Collecting quality CTET exam resources online as referring to good study material is important to build strength on basics.

5. Practice Mock Papers

Once you complete the syllabus, start giving mock tests by solving CTET mock papers. It will help you to cope with actual exam pressure and also give you a clear picture of your state of preparation.

Pro Tips

• Give time-bound mock test
• Analyze your performance
• Identify your weak areas
• Work on time management

CTET 2023 Exam preparation tips

6. Collect Previous Years’ Question Papers

Collect the CTET exam’s previous years’ question papers to gain deeper insight into the exam pattern. Practice with them and increase your chances of scoring high in the CTET 2023 exam.

7. Revise All Concepts Regularly

The more you revise, the better you retain. Take this formula to boost your CTET exam preparation. All you need to do is revise regularly and practice writing.

Pro Tips


  • Maintain a revising strategy for all subjects
  • Practice and revise simultaneously
  • What you revise, try to summarize it in points

8. Stay Positive and Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Keep yourself positive throughout the preparation journey. Make sure to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Pro Tips

  • Don’t forget to take breaks
  • Believe in yourself and your ability
  • Live a healthy life and nourish good habits
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Strategies To Tackle Subjects

CTET Preparations Tips: Language Papers

  • Cover rules on grammar; improve your comprehensive skills by reading books, and newspapers, and practicing.
  • Practice descriptive witting to improve writing skills
  • CTET Exam Preparation Tips: Math, Science, environmental science Paper
  • Clear all doubts on basic rule formulas of mathematics and get a good understanding of core concepts of science.
  • Cover all areas thoroughly which are mentioned mention in the syllabus.
  • Give focus on areas that are common to upper and primary level CBSC syllabus.


CTET Exam Preparation Tips: Social Studies


  • Refer to the CBSC exam pattern and curriculum.
  • Cover concepts of history, Geography, economics, and civics comprehensively mentioned in the exam syllabus.
  • Stay updated with current affairs on social, economic, and political changes and rights and responsibilities.

CTET Exam Preparation tips: Child Development and Pedagogy


  • Choose to buy B.Ed books online purchase and get the best study resources for the pedagogy paper.
  • Cover all child development and pedagogical theories in-depth and study case studies thoroughly.
  • Try to understand the implementation of all theories in practical approaches.

How To Buy CTET Exam Resources Online?

Collect all Subject wise CTET books online. Don’t study multiple books, follow only one book. However, you can prepare your notes by referring to multiple resources.

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Key Takeaways: CTET Preparation Tips

Don’t get too diverted from the syllabus, take the syllabus as your guiding force to proceed in the CTET preparation journey.