How Can You Prepare For TET Exam At Home?

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How Can You Prepare For TET Exam At Home?

If you are a TET aspirant then this is the time when you should speed up your preparation of TET exam preparation. WB primary TET exam 2023 is right on the horizon as it will be held on 10th December 2023.

The CTET 2023 October notification is about to come up. So, there is no time to look further. Take some breath, collect the TET exam book, and embark on the journey of preparation.

TET Exam Preparation Guide For Self-Learner Aspirants

‘How can I prepare for the TET exam at home without joining any coaching?’ The beginners mostly ask this question. The answer is yes. You can get good scores in the TET exam on the first attempt by preparing from home. You just have to follow a good preparation strategy for TET with consistency.

In this article, we will share a preparation guide, tips, and tricks for TET exam aspirants who have decided to prepare from home. So, let’s start then!

Start TET Exam Preparation From Home: Tips And Tricks

Understand and Stick To The TET Exam Pattern

All competitive exams have their own pattern and syllabus. The same is true for the TET exam also. So, thoroughly understand the exam pattern, and syllabus and stick to that only. Make sure you know the marks allocation, papers, and the number weightage on each chapter.

Follow the best Books and Resources

Make sure to collect the best TET exam preparation books before starting the preliminary work. You can consult your friends, and seniors refer to YouTube videos, or research online to get ideas.

Gather Study Materials

Collect study materials from reliable sources including previous years’ question papers, online notes GA magazines, etc. It will keep you updated and on par with the students who take tuition.

Choose online book purchases and collect the best resources to start TET exam preparation at home.

Follow a Study Routine

Make your own study routine on a daily or weekly basis. It will help you to allocate equal time on each paper and achieve progress consistently.

Make study Notes

Keep time for reference work and note-making. As we know, candidates who join tuitions get expert notes. Don’t worry even you can get the time in exchange for investing more time. So, collect the best TET exam book and resources and make your own notes. It will also help you to revise all concepts quickly at the last moment.

Practice As Much as You Can

Collect the TET practice set book and kick start through practicing. There is no alternative to practice. It will boost your time management and accuracy. As we know, both are equally important to success in competitive exams.

Give Mock Tests

 A different TET book published by a leading publication offers MCQ-based mock papers. Purchase them online and start giving mock tests. Make sure to track your performance, and identify your weak areas.

Refer to Free Classes on YouTube Study Channels

 Nowadays, there are different YouTube study channels available online. They offer free courses and study guides. Some of them offer live classes. You can refer to those channels to get guidance without any cost. 

Bonus Hacks for self-learner TET aspirants:

  • Purchase TET preparation books only from trustworthy sources.
  • Don’t forget to analyze all mock tests.
  • Stay updated with current affairs.
  • Practice writing along with study.
  • Simulate the exam hall condition while giving mock tests.
  • Stay positive and motivated.
  • Don’t forget to take breaks.

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