Common Mistakes To Avoid While Preparing for UPSC Examination

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Common Mistakes To Avoid While Preparing for UPSC Examination

A small mistake can ruin your career. Do you know that on average 4-5 lac students appear every year in the UPSC exam but hardly 11000 candidates clear the prelim exam? Everybody knows the level of one of the most prestigious exams in the country. UPSC is one of the most difficult exams to crack for aspirants. Luck doesn’t matter in UPSC. It goes without saying that aspirants leave no loopholes while preparing for the tenacious UPSC exams. But unknowingly or because of a lack of awareness or orientation, most students make mistakes and these mistakes can cause them to take a step back to their goal. This article will provide you with a list of such mistakes that you need to avoid while preparing for the UPSC exam.

  1. Ignoring mock tests- One of the many common errors is taking a mock test for granted. Regardless of how you prepare for the final exam and the number of UPSC books you have all your efforts are futile if you fail the test. By taking the mock test students are able to find their strengths and weaknesses. After knowing the weaknesses, UPSC students can then work on preparing for the actual exam. The mock test must not be left on hold for the final moment. It is good to have a bit of time to correct mistakes made in the mock exam.
  2. Taking previous years’ papers lightly- To understand the pattern, model and idea of the review document, it is essential to read and resolve the questioning documents from previous years. The nature of the UPSC exam is highly uncertain. One never knows what will happen. So, taking ideas from past exam papers really helps to prepare for dealing with actual exams. Complete the whole syllabus covered in UPSC books and then solve the past exam papers to work out the best.
  3. No timetable- To successfully complete the UPSC exams, the preparation of a schedule is very important. The schedule should contain the right 24-hour break that you do and when you do, including the time taken for lunch, hobbies, and dinner. Without a systematic timeline, you will not be able to evaluate your readiness.

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  4. Long hours of studying- This is the biggest myth on UPSC exams that the 15-hour study is mandatory. Each person and his level of physical and mental stamina are different. So you can't put them all in the same line. Study hours are expected to be up to 10 hours. If you try to study all day and night your energy will soon be depleted and you will not be able to perform on the day of the exam.
  5. Not taking a break- If you're one who thinks taking breaks is a waste of time, you're dead wrong. Studying long hours with no breaks is nearly impossible. We human beings certainly need some breaks while carrying out any task for a long time. For UPSC aspirants too, breaks are important for freshening up. However, one thing should be noted that students should take breaks but reasonably time like 15 - 20 minutes and no more than that as they increase efficiency.
  6. Referring to too many books- There is a proverb “Too many cooks spoil the broth”. This is what exactly happens when you try to refer to too many UPSC books instead of a few. Make your UPSC books purchase from our Online College Street book store which offers some of the finest selected books of UPSC.


Finally, do not lose confidence. Stay positive and start relying on yourself. Do not keep anything for the last moment.  Revision is an important strategy to get your UPSC cleared in one go. Unlike the other competitive exams, the UPSC exam is a long process lasting at least ten months. So, it is advisable to start with smaller chunks to achieve the highest goal.