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Sunil Ganguly's Masterpieces: 5 Essential Books for Your Shelf

It goes without saying that if you are an enthusiast or lover of Bengali literature; you definitely know Sunil Gangopadhyay. 

Sunil Ganguly- was a renowned person and prominent author in In India. He was also a prominent citizen of Kolkata. He has glorified Bengali literature and enriched India Literature with some unforgettable masterpieces.  

If you are a literary enthusiast and an admirer of Bengali poetries, you must be aware of his masterpieces.

Sunil Ganguly: A Maestro Of Bengali Literature and A Prominent Personality

7 Reasons To Read Book Of Sunil Ganguly

Here are the best reasons to read and discover his writing style.

Engaging Storytelling

His engaging storytelling captivates readers and makes them interested to read more books. 

Emotional Connections

His stories are relatable because readers can easily connect to them through emotions. A majority of his protagonists share the same values and backgrounds as ordinary people in our society. That makes his stories easily connectable.


His clear and concise writing style helps readers to understand the message without any confusion. That is why the mass loves his stories.

Intriguing plots

A compelling and well-structured plot with unexpected twists and turns keeps readers hooked. Hence, they stay eager to find out what happens next during their reading journey.


All books from Sunil Ganguly reflect authentic writing style, personal experiences, and beliefs. All these elements create his signature writing style that all his admirers know.


All his books and content are well-researched and reflect a depth of knowledge. That is why, Readers love his books so much. This unique essence in his books makes them so much more popular.

Character development

All of his characters are well-developed and multi-dimensional. How he connects them and grows them thought out the story is remarkable.

Best Of Sunil Ganguly :5 Books You Can’t Miss 

Want to know which Sunil Ganuly books are a must-read for beginners and reading devotees? Let's check out then!

Moner Manush by Sunil Gangopadhyay

This book,Moner Manush is one of his masterpieces and gems. It enriches the reader with a remarkable tell of a Saint, musician, and reformer- called Lalon Fakir. The book brings a picture of his life to the light and depicts his story in the backdrop of the 19th century of Bengal.

Raka, Sunil Gangopadhyay

The story develops around its central character Raka. This book is popular due to its interesting storyline, character development, and author’s authentic storytelling style.

Arjun Samagra By Sunil Ganguly

This is another gem of Bengali literature. This book tells the story of a fictional character and a young detective Arjun. It is a series that contains many stories. Some of the most famous stories are :

  • Dracullar Sondhane Arjun
  • Joyontir Jongole
  • Teen Jaliyat Ebong Ek Mithyebadi
  • Dindupure Ratdupur
  • Khutimari Range
  • Khunkharapi
  • Kalimpong e Sitaharan
  • Chandigarh e Gandogol
  • Lighter
  • Dwitiyo Lighter

Prothom Alo By Sunil Gangopadyay

This is another famous Bengali fiction novel by this celebrated author of Bengal. The best part is- all of the central characters of this book are historical and prominent characters like Rabindranath Tagore, Sree Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda, Girish Chandra Ghosh, Nati Binodini-who once glorified India. 

Kakababu Smagra

This one is definitely a gem in the Bengali fiction collection. It depicts the story of Raja Roy Chowdhury- a former director of the Archaeological Survey of India. All of the stories are filled with adventure, thrill, and suspense. This story also celebrates the bond of the bond between supporting characters like Sontu, Jojo, Rini, Narendra Verma, and many more.


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