B.Ed vs D.EL.Ed: 6 Differences That You Must Know

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B.Ed vs D.EL.Ed: 6 Differences That You Must Know

Want to see yourself wearing a teacher’s or an educator’s hat? Then this discussion is going to be adding value to your insight. As most candidates have no clarity on the difference between B.Ed and D.EL.Ed. This will lead them to make wrong choices and hamper career growth.

So, let’s clear all these confusions and make you able to choose the right course.

Understand The Difference Between B.Ed vs D.EL.Ed

What is B.Ed?

B.Ed stands for Bachelor Degree of Education. It’s a full-time two years teacher training degree for graduate candidates.

What is D.EL.Ed?

D.EL.ED refers to Diploma in Elementary Education. It’s a primary teachers’ training diploma course for two years duration.

B.Ed vs D.EL.Ed: Eligibility Criteria


Candidates must obtain 50% in their graduation or post-graduation exam. However, some additional rules are applicable in different states and universities.


Candidates must pass a 10+2 or equivalent exam from a recognized board by securing 50% in aggregate.


Candidates belonging to the reservation category get some relaxation in the eligibility criteria and the admission process.

B.Ed vs D.EL.Ed: Course object 


It is a professional degree for graduate students to train candidates in all aspect of teaching. It includes rigorous training on pedagogy, mentoring, and guidance, and education, social, emotional, spirituality. The ultimate goal of a B.ED course is to make candidates able to create sustainability in the educational environment.


This primary teachers’ training-focused course aims to train candidates with experience-based learning. This course’s core focus lies on upskilling candidates with the necessary knowledge skills, curriculum design, child development, and practical training on teaching methods. The core goal of D.EL.Ed diploma is to prepare candidates to teach primary and upper primary students.

B.Ed vs D.EL.Ed: Career Prospect


In terms of job or career prospects, the scope is diverse. After completing a B.Ed degree, students can pursue different career options in both the private and public sectors. They can teach in primary, upper primary, or even in high schools or any private educational institutions. An experienced candidate can also become an educational leader or dean in both private and public institutions.

With a B.Ed degree, candidates can become career counselors, educational consultants, or training experts. So, hence, it is proved that the scope is wide and unlimited.


In terms of job or career prospect the scope is limited. However, things are changing as now the scope for D.EL.Ed candidates are elevating in both the private and public sectors.

Starting from primary, upper primary, child care centers, and private coaching centers to prestigious institutions- they now get enough scope to build a career.

B.Ed vs D.EL.Ed : Higher Studies


B.Ed candidates can become research scholars and pursue M.Ed and later P.h.D. It will open a new avenue for them to join B.Ed intuitions and other universities as lecturers and assistant professors. Plus, research scholars can go to abroad and pursue more knowledge in the related fields.


D.EL.Ed is a job-ready course hence the scope for higher studies is limited. However, D.EL.Ed students can later pursue B.Ed in distance (subject to some conditions)n and boost their career growth.

B.Ed vs D.EL.Ed : Entrepreneurships Option


B.Ed candidates can open their educational brand chain and offer professional training or courses to students. They can earn good bucks from this.


With respect to B.Ed, the entrepreneurship option is limited but of course, it is not null. D.EL.Ed candidates can earn a good buck also by offering to coach primary or upper-primary students.

Key takeaways : B.Ed or D.EL.Ed , which is better?

There is no point in doing a comparison basis of quality, both educational programs are good in terms of relevance and objective. You will get the best results when choosing your career and educational object.

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