5 Best Bengali Comics From Ananda Publishers

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5 Best Bengali Comics From Ananda Publishers

Bengali classic comics are equally enjoyable whether you are a kid, young adult, or adult. Some of the comics and their characters are timeless.

The comic book collection by Ananda Publishers, particularly introduces readers to some of the interesting and memorable classic characters such as Tin, Asterix, and many more.

The Ananda Publisher's Asterix, Tintin, and Feluda comics have always been popular with readers.

Let's re-discover your favourite Ananda Publishers books that you can gift to your children or read to feel nostalgic.

Ananda Publishers Books: 5 Must-Read Bengali Comics

Here is a list of some of the best Bengali comic books published by Ananda publishers that you must not miss:

1. কানভাঙা মূর্তি:Kan Bhanga Murti

Tintin is a timeless character created by Herje. It has always been remaining at the top of comic lovers’ checklist due to adventurous storylines and unmatchable humor. This book portrays one of the adventures discover the journey of young reporter Tintin and his companion cum pet Snowy (Kuttush in Bengali).

Originally published in French, this comic book series has been translated into various languages and regional languages.

Read this book’s Bengali version published by Ananda Publishers and experience the thrill.

2. কাঁকরা রহস্য - Kankra Rahasya

This is another must-read gem of the Tintin series. However, the fun doubles with the addition of the most popular characters Captain Haddock and Thomson and Thompson. This time the mystery develops in the backdrop of Morocco and the Sahara desert.

 Find out what happens at the climax and how TinTin figured out the mystery by reading the book. It’s a promise that you will laugh, and get emotional while reading this breath-taking tell.

3. Tibbate e TinTin (TinTin in Tibet)

This is another exceptional story from the Tintin series. This Tibbate e TinTin Ananda publisher's book shares the tale of a bond of friendship that can save friends. It’s a story of an expedition to Tibet along with some mysterious creature Yeti and the mysterious power of Buddhist monks.

Read this book to discover how Tintin, Captain Haddock, and Snowy overcome all hurdles and find their friend Chang.

4. Ebar Kande KedarNathe- Feluda Comics

This Ananda Publishers book is based on the Feluda comic series. It not only gives the thrill of exceptional storytelling but also captivates readers with engaging graphics.

Read Ebar Kande Kedarnath and discover the Feluda stories from a visual perspective.

5. Asterix er Notun Abhijan : Asterix o Mudrar Korai

Created by René Goscinny and Alberto Aleandro Uderzo, this book from a globally renowned comic book series is also available in Bengali version. This adventure of Asterix book is available in various parts, out of them this one needs special mention.

The central characters of this series are Aestrix, Obelix, their pet Dogmetix, Getamix, Vitalstatistix, and others, They all live in the fictitious village called Indomitable.

Enjoy this story in Ananda Publishers book in Bengali and get the complete essence of the story.

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