3 Enduring Classic Bengali Novels Of Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay

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3 Enduring Classic Bengali Novels Of Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay

Bibhutibhushan Bandhopadhyay is a maestro whose words have transcended generations. All of his work demonstrates the deep connation of nature. His ability to depict the rural landscape touch reader every time they get to introduce his creations through stories and novels.

All of the central characters in his books are unforgivable and chrishable, be it Apu from Pather Pachali Statyacharan from Aranyak, or Shankar from Chander Pahar. The humanistic approach in all his novels depicts human emotions and the complexities of relationships deeply.

In this article, we will share 3 must-read classic novels of Bibhutibushan Bandopadhyay if you want to buy Bengali books online.

Dive In to the Enduring Literary Treasures of Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay

Which is the best story of Bibhutibushan Bandhopadhyya? Well, the list is endless. Starting from Aranayk to  Chander Pahar, from  Pather Panchali to Adarsha Hindu Hotel or his short stories- he depicts his narrative artistry in all creations.

1. Pather Panchali

Written in 1929, this Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay uponnash is a magnum opus in Bengali literature. This story beautifully depicts rural Bengal, the nuance of rural life, and shares the bonding of humans in that backdrop. The story revolves around a small boy Apu, his elder sister Durga, and their parents Harihor and Shorbojoya.

This story style keeps the reader engaged in each phrase of the story. It shares the ups and downs of human life and the pain of losing a loved one. 

2. Aranyak

Aranyak Bengali book is another best-read from the Bibhutibhushan Bandhopadhyay collection. This book shares a perpetual significance in readers’ lives. The author's real-life experience greatly inspired the story. Actually, from 1924 to 1030, he worked in the villages near the Bihar region. There he got a chance to keep in touch with local communities and rural customs. It is reflected in all phases of this story.

The life of the central character of the book, Satyacharan also worked as the manager of a landlord in Bihar. So, what did he get to experience in the Jungle? How did he cope with this rural lifestyle? Get this book online and explore the rest!

3. Adarsha Hindu Hotel

Published in 1940, this book explores different shades of human psychology and values. This is one of the best Bengali novels written by Bibhutibushan Bandhopadhyay. It is the story of a hotel where employees used to cheat on its customers. On the contrary, the head cook of the hotel, Hajari Thakur, was against this practice. How it changes the life of the main character, Hajari Thakur, and how he owns the battle with a strong mind and high moral value—get all the answers by reading this book.

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