Why Every Kid Should Read Sudha Murty’s Books?

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Why Every Kid Should Read Sudha Murty’s Books?

We all live in a world where we are surrounded by extraordinary people. We seek inspiration from these saintly figures and try to follow in their footsteps. They leave their immortal footprints through their works and notable deeds. One such individual is Sudha Murty, who is better known as “The First Lady of Indian Tech’. The recipient of the prestigious Padma Shri Award, Sudha Murty began her early career as an engineer at Telco. However, there is plenty to unfurl except her technical roots. Her impeccable style of writing and way of storytelling has reached the hearts of every reader. She has written over 24 books which include non-fiction novels, technical books, travelogues and memoirs.

Let us explore some of the most heart-warming Sudha Murty books for kids that will take your kids to another world-

1. How I Taught my Grandmother to Read and Other Stories-

How I Taught My Grandmother to Read And Other Stories - This book is one of the most popular Sudha Murty books for kids that consists of stories inspired by real-life incidents in the author’s life. The charming stories about promises made to her grandmother and her mother's economic advice will transport your imagination to an India which you thought had ceased to exist. Buy Sudha Murty’s books online and enrich your child’s bookshelf.

2. The Gopi Diaries: Coming Home-

Children like books with an animal protagonist in them. It is one of the hot favorites among Sudha Murty's books for kids. This book speaks of Gopi, the dog, and presents stories told in his voice and viewpoint. Coming Home is the first book in the series and speaks of Gopi settling in with his new loving family. This book will surely tempt you to have a dog as your pet.

Sudha Murty Books for Kids

3. The Bird with the Golden Wings-

An act of compassion speaks everything in life. That is the lesson our little protagonist learns when she feeds a hungry bird all the rice she has. However, that is not the only story or moral to be learned in this collection of short stories. There are also tales featuring an insolent professor, a king with donkey ears and a curious neighbour. If you want to read, buy books online to get in touch with more stories of wit and magic.

4. Grandma’s Bag of Stories-

Grandma's Bag of Stories is arguably one of the most well-known Sudha Murty books for children. If you ask anyone to name one of Sudha Murty's books, they will probably name this one. The book starts with grandchildren Meena, Krishna, Raghu and Anand visiting their grandparents' house in Shiggaon. This book was published in 2005 and comprises stories about monkeys, scorpions, and hidden treasures that are bound to take your breath away!

5. The Serpent’s Revenge: Tales from the Mahabharata-

If you are looking for some of the great Sudha Murty books for students, "The Serpent's Revenge- Tales from the Mahabharata", will be an excellent choice. The book is compiled with some of the best stories from the Mahabharata period and is quite engaging with simplistic language. If you want to take your kid on a historical ride, buy Sudha Murty’s Books online.

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Why Sudha Murty is the epitome author for kids?

“Writing for children is the toughest thing”- quoted the award-winning author herself. As she said during the launch of one of her books, we do not need a dictionary to read her books. Sudha Murthy's works generally shed light on different aspects of human life and emotions and remind us of the morality in which we have forgotten to live. The best part of her books is the beautiful narrative skills of Sudha Murthy who teleported you directly into history, making you feel like you were there in that moment. Affectionately labelled, as India's favorite storyteller, her books are full of simple stories with enchanting tales which tempt one to buy books online.

Well, those were some of the most-cherished Sudha Murty’s books for kids of all time. Short and crisp stories with enchanting narratives are bound to captivate the minds of young readers. If you haven’t read one, go for buying Sudha Murty’s books online and surely they won’t disappoint you!